Setup Your Globe Wireless Broadband External Antenna

I am a subscriber of Globe Wireless Broadband 512kbps package with external antenna. Like you, I was also experiencing same problems like intermittent connection, slow browsing, etc. But after repositioning my external antenna to the designated cellsite (which in my case, they failed to locate), my connection problems were resolved.

Here is what you should do:

  • call Globe support hotline and ask for onsite visit. Expect a technician within 2 to 3 days. Follow-up if no technician came.
  • When a technician visits your area for repair, try to ask them if your antenna is pointed to the correct tower. To make sure, ask them for the cell id of your designated tower (they have the list).
  • then go to your web browser and type to go to the modem interface. there you will see your Cell ID at the homepage shown below:

ZTE Modem Interface

  • If the digits match but you’re still experiencing connection problems, your antenna is probably within the radius but not directly pointing the designated tower.
  • Visually locate the tower then point your antenna directly to it. Make sure nothing blocks your antenna from the tower. Ask the technician to do it or do it yourself (you’re more concern than those people).
  • You should see improvements unless Globe’s servers and tower are down.

Let me know if this also works for you!


18 Responses to Setup Your Globe Wireless Broadband External Antenna

  1. mark says:

    thank you! sa wakas naayos na rin connection ko!

  2. elp says:

    pano sa mga walang external antenna, indoor antena lng kinabit sa akin,, pwede ko ba palgyan ng external antenna ung globe wireless ko

    • lhoylhoy says:

      try mo nlng sila tawagan s hotline then try mo magrequest ng external antenna. sa case ko kasi here in laguna area malakas ang signal ko khit ung indoor n antenna lng gmitin ko pero mabagal pa rin. pag my ng site visit bolahin mo ng konti ung technician.

  3. campus says:

    pa tulong po naka connect naman globe co nakalagay connected pero d naman maka connect sa net, punyeta kasi mga technician na nagkabit eh, pucha parang mga walang alam pinulot lang ata sa kangkungan eh

    • lhoylhoy says:

      tumawag ka customer service nila sabihin mo palitan yung sim card para matapos ang problema mo. kasi kung nasunod mo ang instruction ko sa post wala ka na dapat problema. ganyan din ako before pero ngayon di nako nakaexperience ng disconnection. its just the setup bro otherwise, papalitan mo na ung simcard.

  4. Abates says:

    Hi, I’m a desperate Globe 512 Customer. I agree and did the antenna pointing it seemed to work for a short time. Problem is that I have been on Limited Service for90% of the time since I signed the contract.

    This is one of three accounts at the same location and the other accounts work well. Glove/Innove Technicians have come several times and say there is no problem with the site, that the problem is within the system. every component has been change multiple times in the system.

    What I am looking for is an email address to send my data to that would care about fixing the system. Innove customer care is not what I need as they have done nothing to date, will not even email me. All I get from them is the autoresponder saying they recieved my mail.

    • lhoylhoy says:

      hi abates, the “limited service” nightmare also happened to me for a month. This could happen no matter how good your setup is and i agree it’s their system’s glitch. With regards to that, I don’t think may magagawa pa tayo dun. Magkakasakit ka lang sa puso kakaisip. BTW, after my 1yr contract expires, i considered switching back to smartbro, wala naman kasi ako naging problema dun talaga lang 384kbps is kulang. But still i decided to give globe last chance with globe wimax 1mbps (using different technology) . So far it’s working fine for me. I’d suggest upgrading your subscription to wimax 1mbps (if available in your area) ganun din php995 din a month.

      regarding to email add you’re looking for, i don’t think you can find one coz the only email add provided for customers is the one posted on their site which is again i agree is useless. If you’re really serious about this, the only thing you can do is bring it to the media (as i said, if only you’re serious, dead serious ūüôā

  5. elp says:

    sir mahirap na tumawag sa customer service nila.. pero answering machine.. wala n kwenta talaga service nila!! papaputol ko na globe ko.. sakit lng sa ulo ko to

  6. abates says:

    Thank you for your reply and I included your comments with my daily report to Innove, which to date has done nothing. I would gladly upgrade but not available. I would rather deal with Globe than Smart (Smug). The people there are ok guys, its the management ability that is lacking. All in all I think Globe is a better company they just don’t have the backing Smart does.
    take care and have a good day

  7. Joy Z says:

    Hello po..nagpakabit kami ng Globe broadband last tuesday Nov 3 2009 ng plan 995 with 384kbps.lagapak connection.naisip namin na internal antenna lang meron then walang external antenna na binigay eh..pede ba mag request at pakabit sa kanila for free??thanks

    • lhoylhoy says:

      it depends s area, may area kasi na they assumed malakas ang signal, external antenna isn’t necessary. I suggest you call the hotline and request for a site visit, if proven na weak ang signal dyn, kakabitan k ng external antenna. Tip nga pla habang internal antenna ang gamit mo, place it as much as possible near windows or anywhere open.

      Aren’t you aware of globe wimax? 1mbps for php 995 same price as your subscribed plan but more advanced technology. It’s working for me since i switch. If you still have chance, change your plan i suggest.

  8. macko says:

    share ko lang po!!! ung sakin kasi dati mabagal ginawa ko binaba ko ung antenna ko pinutol ko ung coax. cable nang 1.5 meter din ung antenna ko is nasa baba lang masmabilis na conection ko kesa dati pag kakaalam ko malakas siganl pero ung haba ng coax ang may dahilan kasi 3g signal naman. search nyo nalang how 3g signal works

  9. kurt says:

    saan ako pwedi maka bili ng antena, nasa prov. po kasi ako. malapit kami sa aklan.

  10. autoresponder…

    […]Setup Your Globe Wireless Broadband External Antenna « Beginner’s Guide[…]…

  11. raz says:

    sir pwede ba gamitin yung smartbro antena sa globe broadband modem?

  12. emil vinberg says:

    globe is not dependable. They installed the antenna, and gave me an old modem and said they would replace 2 weeks later nothing and they will not answer there phone or cell phone. I found out that globe at least where I live in the visayas are all franchized,so no one cares. This is the 3rd time .I had and am still using smart bro but only get.32 as with the test of globe I got 2,5 much better but they take your money (7,500.00 pesos).smart will not improve so what choice do you have the company’s have a strangle hold on you

  13. abates says:

    Good morning, my name is abates and I may have started this. I solved my problem with Globe/Innove. I moved to a new house and got a wired broad band account. I now have 3Mb Globe connection which works. Checked at my old residence with neighbors and still the same, very poor service. The people there have given up and just accept it. There is a Smart tower within 300 meters and smart refuses to upgrade the tower to internet. Globe wireless could care less about the community, they only want to support the college which they are pointing their antennas at. Globe is running a big fiberoptic cable along the National highway and the residents just have to accept the poor sevvice.

    The infrastructure in the Philippines is very poor. I talk with my sons and they both have 10 Mb connections which work. they are paying about the same and both live in rural areas.. The only solution seems to move to a big city.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Globe wimax. Po ang internet namin pero napaka bagal po,minsan nawawalan pa ng signal yung external antenna.Ano pa dapat kong gawin?

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