Try Dreamhost and save USD97 (Php4850) with promocode

March 30, 2009

After all the research on what Webhosting Company you will choose and finally decided to try Dreamhost, I now write this post for you to get it at the maximum discount possible using my promocode. Just type-in LHOYLHOY upon registration and save maximum discount of USD97 (Php4850) for any hosting plan starting at 1 year hosting plan (waived setup fee!). I also offer USD51 maximum discount for a monthly plan (trust me its not so practical cause choosing this plan will require you pay setup fee).

I prepared a price list below for you to compare.

Payment Period    Cost    Max Discount    This Code's Discount Discounted price
Monthly          $60.90      $51.00              $51.00              $9.90
Yearly           $119.40     $97.00              $97.00              $22.40
Two years        $214.80     $97.00              $97.00              $117.80
Three years      $286.20     $97.00              $97.00              $189.20
Five years       $417.00     $97.00              $97.00              $320.00
Ten years        $714.00     $97.00              $97.00              $617.00

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note: discounts listed above are 1-time discounts and for 1st time customers only. If you click links above, then the promocode  LHOYLHOY is automatically linked upon your registration. But if you decide to checkout later, you just have to manually type-in the promocode.

Just an update!

I have received a news from dreamhost that the USD97 maximum discount will be reduced to USD50 so as much as I want to maxout USD97, I’m afraid I can’t do anything anymore about it. I haven’t confirmed the news yet but rest assured that the promocode works 100%. Even if its true or not, don’t worry you still got USD50 and an amazing webhost.

Just a thank you will be fine…


YOU…Improved – A Guide to Healing Your Self Esteem

March 29, 2009

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You have the power to change your life.

You hold within you the key to breaking free from low self esteem so you can finally have the happy, joyful, fulfilling life that you have been wanting.

You don’t have to settle for feeling victimized by life or being stuck in despair.

Instead, you can change the course of your life, take control and learn to love yourself just the way you are.

You can follow your dreams, reach your goals, succeed with your career and relationships, find financial success and accomplish more than you ever imagined was possible.

…and it all starts with healing your self esteem.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in You…Improved – A Guide to Healing Your Self Esteem:

  • Understand why you feel the way you do and realize that you aren’t “broken” or different from other people.
  • Discover how YOU do more damage to your self esteem than anyone else does. Once you grasp this you can stop the downward spiral of low self esteem and truly begin healing.
  • Learn the top self-defeating habits & negative thought patterns associated with low self esteem so you can identify which ones are holding you back and keeping you from living the life you want.
  • Learn techniques to help you let go of the anger, resentment, bitterness, self-doubt, self hatred, helplessness, misery and despair from your past so you can look forward into a brighter, more fulfilling future. As you let go of negative thoughts and energy from the past you make room for happier, healthier thoughts and habits to enter your life. It’s like having a giant weight lifted off you!
  • Discover how to change your view of the past so you can get a healthier perspective, let go of shame and guilt and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. You may find that many of your beliefs that you have about yourself aren’t even based in reality!
  • How to silence you “inner critic” and finally stop that nagging voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to be truly happy with who you are and what you have in your life.
  • Learn to start loving your body and your appearance…regardless of how you look. Begin appreciating the body you have and loving what you see in the mirror.
  • Discover the secret to being willing to learn from your failures instead of beating yourself up over them.
  • Start standing up for yourself so you can begin getting what you want out of life. Learn how to make sure that your own wants and needs are met so you can stop doing what other people want you to do and do what is in your heart instead.
  • Find out how to stop playing the role of victim and take control of your own life so you can begin living the life you want instead of the one you feel you have been dealt.
  • Unlock the secret to attracting positive people and joyful experiences into your life. Find the key to having healthy, fulfilling relationships and friendships.
  • Discover how you can start taking appropriate risks, setting goals and chasing your dreams to finally find the success and happiness that you have been craving.
  • Learn to start seeing the good along with the bad. Start to appreciate the wonderful things and people that surround you each and every day. Open yourself up to the joy of living.
  • Learn how to love yourself just the way you are, to appreciate the wonderful things in life, to open yourself up to happiness, and to stop the pattern of misery, despair and unhappiness that you have lived with for so long.
  • plus a lot more…..

All of this and more is covered in the main book of the program. Along with the book, you also get an added bonus of a special workbook filled with over 60 self esteem building exercises! These exercises are designed to help you:

  • learn to love yourself
  • start setting goals
  • let go of the past
  • adopt a more positive outlook
  • overcome perfectionism
  • improve your body image
  • build your self esteem
  • increase your self confidence
  • overcome shyness
  • and more…..

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cellphone load etc.! @

March 18, 2009

What can I do in

You can buy or send electronic load (from Smart, Sun or Globe) directly to your mobile phone or to the numbers you specify using your PC or mobile phone. Electronic Pins of cell cards, game cards, internet cards, phone cards, and more, are also dispensed in your PC or mobile phone.

I’m new here, what do I do?

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What benefits do I get?

  • Get up to 5% Bonus credits when purchasing 1,000 Load Credits or more
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  • Get 1% Referral commission on all load credit purchases of the users you refer
  • Availability of lower e-load denominations (ex. P20, P25, P30, etc.)
  • Load multiple cell phones at a time
  • Review your previous e-load transactions
  • Review your previously purchased electronic PIN’s anytime
  • Get free updates regarding new products and services
  • Transfer credits to other users (ex. family members, friends, etc.)
  • Buy Load Credits using your credit card, Smart Money, G-Cash, remittance, All-in-1 card, or bank deposit
  • View or print your own transaction history
  • Avail of other existing and future promos and services

How do I get bonus credits?

Get Bonus credits when purchasing 1,000 Load Credits or more! For more info, click here

How do I convert my cash to Load Credits?

You can pay using your credit card, Smart Money, via Smart Padala, G-Cash, All-in-1 Card, or via bank deposit. For more information, click here

How can I be updated on new products and services of

Join our Alert service for FREE!

What are my discounts as a member?

To see the updated list of rates, click here.

What happens if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, just enter your UserID then click on Login. You will be asked if you would like your password to be reset. A temporary password will then be sent to your registered email. Please login using this password and change it to a more familiar one. For security reasons, please note that we cannot send passwords to Yahoo mail accounts. If possible, use a non-Yahoo mail when registering in Thank you.

Do I get a transaction report for all my transactions?

Yes. Just login using your UserID and Password and click on “Transactions”.

How can I be a Load Business Center?

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We suggest converting 5,000 cash to Load Credits at a time so you get the maximum profit margin.

How much do I need to start?

You can start your own load and prepaid card business for only P500 (consumable). Membership is FREE, so sign-up now!

Best Professional Web Hosting Company Hostgator Vs. Dreamhost

March 18, 2009

Its for you to decide which is which? definitely its a WIN-WIN!

HostGator and DreamHost are among two of the most popular shared web hosting companies. They’re both well established companies with excellent reputations. The
companies are pretty close in size (about 150 at HostGator, 70 employees at DreamHost) and host a comparable amount of domains (700,000 at HostGator, 500,000 at DreamHost).

HostGator and DreamHost have slightly different company cultures. A
review of’s web site reveals it’s personal and
informative approach. The HostGator web site doesn’t venture into humor
or carefree talk. has few jokes. On the other hand,
DreamHost likes to laugh at itself and sports a web site that contains
obvious jokes and light hearted comments among more serious
information. Some web hosting customers like the jokes, others don’t.
Both web hosting companies, though, are highly technical and know when
to take their work seriously.

HostGator’s shared hosting plans are competitively priced and offer a lot of space and bandwidth. Dreamhost has always offered vastly oversold (they admit it) and very generous plans. The entry level plan offers 500 GB of disk space and 5 TB of monthly bandwidth. Both numbers increase by the gigabytes each week. Both companies include plenty of email accounts, databases, etc with all of their plans.

DreamHost’s cheapest plan will cost you $7.95 per month if you pay
for three years in advance. HostGator’s cheapest shared hosting plan is
$4.95 per month if you pay three years in advance. HostGator’s next
plan up (the Baby plan) offers more space and bandwidth than
DreamHost’s comparably priced plan, but does not increase weekly.

Both web hosts offer lengthy money back guarantees. HostGator’s is 45 days. DreamHost’s money back guarantee period is 97 days.

It is important to note that HostGator uses cPanel
exclusively whereas DreamHost uses a custom control panel. DreamHost’s
control panel offers all of the expected features and is very powerful,
but it is not cPanel. If you have a particular affinity for cPanel,
DreamHost won’t be the choice for you.

As far as customer support goes, HostGator provides more options. All of HostGator’s plans come with unlimited, toll free phone support. DreamHost only offers 3 call backs per month

for an extra $9.95 per month. HostGator also offers 24/7 live chat,
which DreamHost does not. Both companies have active communities forums
and extensive knowledge bases (a wiki in DreamHost’s case). Both
companies provide 24/7 email support, though. At DreamHost, you have to
be logged into to your control panel to send in a ticket. While it is
purely a personal pet peeve, DreamHost does not publish its office
address (they publish a PO Box).

Which web host you go with is entirely up to you. As always, spend time researching both companies. Since both companies have such generous money back guarantees, you can even give them a try and see which one you prefer.

One thing for sure whichever you choose between the two you win ok?

cdr-king usb optical mouse problem

March 13, 2009

Last week, my brother bought an optical usb mouse from cdr-king somewhere here in their branch here in laguna. The device seems working fine but after a while, it stucks for about 5 seconds and runs again. Di ko masyado pinansin nung una pero habang tumatagal nagiging often na yung stuck-up nya. So I asked my brother to return it since my 1 week warranty naman.

so pumunta ung bro ko wala naman problema pinalitan naman nila agad. Pag dating nya sa bahay tinesting nya then ganun pa rin. Tingin ko di na sa device ung problema kasi imposible naman yata or masyadong coincidence naman kung dalawang device ang sira. So I tried surfing for answers but wala ako nakita solution.

Until I found out na sa BIOS lang ung problema. I just disabled LEGACY USB SUPPORT. Yun lang…

How to be a Rockstar freelancer

March 13, 2009

212 Pages of Expert Freelancing Advice

Covering everything from getting started to expanding your business, How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer is the official FreelanceSwitch book. Written by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed – the founders of the site – it’s packed with new information, advice and insights not covered on the blog.

If you want to start your freelance career the right way, then How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer will give you everything you need to become the best freelancer in town!

.net Magazine Book of the Month April 08

This is a real nuts and bolts guide to building a career as a freelancer online, with subjects ranging from managing your budget and handling multiple clients to diversifying your interests. Written by Collis and Cyan Ta’eed of the FreelanceSwitch blog site, it won’t tell you how to make your millions but its practical, straightforward advice will give you a good start.

.net Magazine, April 08

About the Authors

Cyan and Collis Ta’eed are the founders of popular freelancing blog FreelanceSwitch. After years of running a small freelance graphic and web design business, they shut up shop and started web startup Envato where they work building brilliant websites for creatives everywhere.

Click here to visit Rockable Press website!

How to be Rockstar WordPress Designer

March 12, 2009

Managing web content has always been tricky, but with WordPress, any web designer can have a flexible, free and powerful CMS to use not just on blogging projects, but on all sorts of websites. In How To Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer you will learn step by step how to take a straight HTML site and power it with WordPress.

During the course of the book you’ll build THREE WordPress themes, a blog, a portfolio site and a general site with menus and submenus. Each theme demonstrates different aspects of WordPress theming and all three are packaged in with the book so you’ll have Photoshop, HTML, CSS and WordPress PHP files to refer to.

Who is This Book For?

The book is aimed at anyone with a solid understanding of HTML/CSS. You don’t need to know PHP, you don’t need to have ever even touched WordPress before. The examples begin from scratch and build on each other, while basic PHP principles that are used are explained in an easy to understand manner.

If you’ve ever wanted to get started with WordPress theming, or you’re looking to take your skills to the next level with advanced theming concepts, this is the book for you!

About the Authors: Collis Ta’eed

Co-founder of Envato, Collis has been designing and building websites for many years for small sites and large, mom and pop businesses, multinational corporations and governmental organisations. His work has been featured on numerous design and CSS galleries including BestWebGallery, WebCreme, CSSRemix, CSSMania, TheBestDesigns, and many more.

Collis has an easy to read style of writing, and his tutorials at PSDTUTS and NETTUTS have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of Photoshop and Web Design enthusiasts. Collis is also co-author of How To Be a Rockstar Freelancer and is passionate about teaching and training others.

About the Authors: Harley Alexander

Harley Alexander is an up and coming WordPress designer and developer. Author of more than a dozen WordPress tutorials on the popular NETTUTS site, Harley pretty much speaks in WordPress! With experience in jQuery, PHP and of course WP, Harley’s technical skillset is impressive for anyone, but even more so for a young author still in his teens! You can find Harley over at his own blog – BaffleInc.

Click here to visit Rockable Press website!