Try Dreamhost and save USD97 (Php4850) with promocode

After all the research on what Webhosting Company you will choose and finally decided to try Dreamhost, I now write this post for you to get it at the maximum discount possible using my promocode. Just type-in LHOYLHOY upon registration and save maximum discount of USD97 (Php4850) for any hosting plan starting at 1 year hosting plan (waived setup fee!). I also offer USD51 maximum discount for a monthly plan (trust me its not so practical cause choosing this plan will require you pay setup fee).

I prepared a price list below for you to compare.

Payment Period    Cost    Max Discount    This Code's Discount Discounted price
Monthly          $60.90      $51.00              $51.00              $9.90
Yearly           $119.40     $97.00              $97.00              $22.40
Two years        $214.80     $97.00              $97.00              $117.80
Three years      $286.20     $97.00              $97.00              $189.20
Five years       $417.00     $97.00              $97.00              $320.00
Ten years        $714.00     $97.00              $97.00              $617.00

click here to try dreamhost and save USD97 (Php4850)

note: discounts listed above are 1-time discounts and for 1st time customers only. If you click links above, then the promocode  LHOYLHOY is automatically linked upon your registration. But if you decide to checkout later, you just have to manually type-in the promocode.

Just an update!

I have received a news from dreamhost that the USD97 maximum discount will be reduced to USD50 so as much as I want to maxout USD97, I’m afraid I can’t do anything anymore about it. I haven’t confirmed the news yet but rest assured that the promocode works 100%. Even if its true or not, don’t worry you still got USD50 and an amazing webhost.

Just a thank you will be fine…


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